Scam Review Warning To All TEFL Teachers inbond to China: Foreign Expats & Beijing Teach are Fraud Recruiters ( &


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Dear Fellow Teachers,

Please be warned that and are both scam recruitment websites operated by convicted felon Rosie Tang who prior to be jailed used the name Rebecca Tang. Aside from cheating over 1,200 foreign teachers, she also cheated her own employees as you can see here:

Rosie not only cheats and exploits her customers, she even turns them into the police for the very same fake diplomas and TEFL certificates she sold to them to collect the 15,000 reward!

Be advised that she owns an operates 11 different alias companies and everyone of them should be avoided completely, no matter what promises they make to you verbally. Do not send any personal information or your passport scan to any recruiter, especially the ones below because they will eventually sell this information to identity thiefs.

China ESL

New Life ESL

Golden Bridge ESL

East-West Education

New World ESL

Golden Bridge English

Wan Jia Education

Golden Bridge Education

Golden Bridge Visa

You have been officially warned. To stay current of any new names they may create soon (and they will) be sure to visit these 10 websites at least once a month:

If you are even thinking about buying a fake TEFL certificate, phony diploma or a counterfeit police certificate, you had better read this first: